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  1. Classic Albums – Black Sabbath Paranoid

    The Origins of Evil

    Black Sabbath are the tits. There is no point even trying to argue otherwise.

    Not only did they record a collection of albums in the early seventies (we’re talking classic line-up Sabbath here) that are basically masterpieces and still referenced and ripped off today, but they pretty much singlehandedly invented Metal.

    So just how did four working class blokes from Birmingham (home to what is arguably the silliest accent in a country famous for silly accents) go from being a bunch of blues based Beatles fans to patient zero of music’s most evil genre?

    Well, this excellent episode from the equally excellent Classic Albums series goes a long way towards explaining that.

    Talking to each of the four original members and the album’s engineer as well as high profile fans, the documentary looks at just what went into making this such a ball tearer of an album.

    So, whether you’re a hardcore fan or simply a devoted dilettante, charge thy goblet (or bong if thy prefer) and raise thy horns in celebration of the mighty SABBATH!

    And when you’re done with that, check out this excellent live concert of the band absolutely slaying Paris in 1970 around the time that Paranoid was released.