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  1. The Mexican Mormon War

    God, Guns, Drugs and Wives

    Anyone paying even the most cursory attention to what’s going on in Mexico right now knows that place is in serious trouble.

    During the 6 years of the government’s War on Drugs, more than 50,000 people have been murdered. To put that figure into perspective, in the 11 years of NATO’s War on Terror in Afghanistan, the coalition have lost 3,200 people to date.

    Much of the violence is associated with the rival cartels fighting for control over the lucrative smuggling routes into the US who, as it turns out, are the ones who pressured the Mexican government to start the ‘war’ in the first place. They’re also the ones who continue to demand the policy be upheld – regardless of the cost to the Mexican people.

    So with the US elections heading into terminal velocity it’s interesting to note that one of the candidates – Mitt Romney, has more of a connection to what’s going on there than most.

    It turns out that his father was actually born in Mexico, in a community of Mormons who went down there in the 1880’s when the US government told them it wasn’t cool to have more than one wife anymore.

    Descendants of these nutbags still live down there today – including relations of Mitt’s, and because of their relative prosperity, it seems they’re getting dragged into the violence too.

    Great stuff courtesy of those weirdos at Vice.