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  1. Music and the Psychedelic Mind

    Music + Drugs = Good

    As anyone who’s ever smoked a blunt and sunk back into a bean bag with the stereo set to stun; or dunked a pill at an outdoor festival and danced like a goon with a bunch of strangers; or done, well almost anything involving drugs and music will tell you – it’s generally a pretty solid guarantee of a good time.

    Originally I was going to link to this as part of my previous Pink Floyd post, but I think it actually deserves a post of its own. Despite the seriously uncreative title and the liberal use of beard stroking eggheads inserted to lend ‘science’ to the topic, it’s actually a pretty cool little exploration of the nexus between two of the most important drivers in youth culture over the past 60 or more years.

    Dig it.

    Oh, and here’s Jefferson Airplane performing just about the best song about drugs. Ever.. It also doesn’t hurt that Grace Slick is a stone fox either.